Fashion for a Cause

On Monday April 8th, students from Professor Shweta Arpit-Srivastava’s Organizational Communication class hosted “Fashion for a Cause.”

“The purpose of this event was to give back to the community of Monmouth by creating an opportunity for our students and staff to do some spring cleaning and donate clothes to our local Jameson Center,” said event co-host Alyssa Mileham.

Held from 11am to 2pm, the organizers watched the piles of donations grow. “It’s great to see our Monmouth community come together for such a good cause,” co-host Kaden Holesinger said.

“Our event was a great success and got students thinking about the importance of donating and giving back to the community,” said co-host Lea Selquist. “It was great to get emails and messages about how well the event went and such positive feedback from people on campus.”

Jordan Hill Contribting Writer

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