Intramurals find new life on campus thanks to an app

The newly branded intramural league introduced a new way for students to enjoy the competition of intramural sports through an app.

According to the new director of intramurals Luke Bradburn, participation has increased through the introduction of IMLeagues.  The app allows captains to manage teams, select free agents, and modify team information.

“For the students, it’s really easy to download the app,” said Bradburn. “IMLeagues is a software that almost all universities and colleges in America that have any real programs are using.”

Last week, five-on-five basketball concluded with a record number of almost sixty participants. Students also played intramurals in sand volleyball, pickleball, flag football, and three-on-three basketball. Teams crowned champions received intramural champion t-shirts. Students can download the IMLeagues app through their smartphone’s application store. Follow Monmouth College Intramurals (@monmouthcollegeintramurals) to stay updated with registration announcements for future intramurals. 

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