“Derry Girls” hits the Pattee Auditorium big screen

Last Thursday, Irish Media night invited students to watch and discuss the first season of “Derry Girls,” a successful comedic Netflix series depicting life during the 1990’s of politically divided Northern Ireland.

Dyland Copland, the event’s organizer, showed “Derry Girls” for his ongoing Irish-American information series for his StudyUSA program. Copland, who once lived in Ireland in Londonderry, wanted to get students to explore Irish culture through the series. “My goal is to get the viewers to understand Irish culture and history through humor,” Copland said.

The series is based on the past conflict between the United Kingdom and Ireland with an adolescent comedic twist. Written by Lisa McGee, “Derry Girls” was released in 2018 and highly rated by its audience. The three part series scored a rare Rotten Tomatoes 99% and earned many awards.

“I wanted to watch it because I’m going to Ireland for Spring Break,” Noelle Faulk said. “It was great to watch an Irish show before actually going to understand the culture better.” 

“It’s a huge part of me, it starts with my name and goes back through my family,” said Seamus O’Sullivan. Due to his Irish heritage, O’Sullivan was drawn to the film. “I live with the culture and embrace it through the fiddle I play, and the Irish football I watch.”

Ryan Phillips Contributing Writer

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