Graduate donates farmland

Marilyn Johnston, a 1948 graduate, gifted 780 acres of farmland to Monmouth College. The land makes up of five different farms worth $11,929,000. Its acreage and land value will support the college’s endowment. This donation nearly doubled the college’s farmland investment, which helps support academic programs and scholarships.

Johnston grew up in Mercer County and attended Aledo High School. She then attended Stevens College and transferred to Monmouth College two years later. Graduating with a degree in general studies, Johnston moved onto the University of Colorado to earn a nursing degree.

As a nurse at Mercer County Hospital and a missionary nurse, Johnston spent her life caring for people. Her care was tethered to Monmouth College, having donated to the college for almost four decades.

In September of 2023, Johnston passed away at 98 years old.

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