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Students Larissa Pothoven and Madison Walker are studying abroad in Scotland for the spring semester. The two are studying with Monmouth College’s sister school, University of Stirling. To study abroad her last semester of college, Pothoven, with the help of her professors, completed her history and English requirements during the fall semester. Both Walker and Pothoven always wanted to do this. “Studying abroad while in college has always been something that I’ve wanted to do and I have always wanted to travel to the United Kingdom,” said Walker.

Walker, a student athlete at Monmouth, currently plays soccer for the University of Stirling. She plays for the second division of the Scottish Women’s Premier League (SWPL). A major difference to playing soccer in Scotland than in the U.S. is the popularity. “Soccer is the main sport in the UK, and everything is focused on playing, watching, and supporting clubs.” Walker said,. Another major difference Walker learned when she got there is the structure of their leagues. “The SWPL is a professional league which means that I have teammates and opponents who are on professional contracts and are former professional players in national programs and the Women’s Super League in Europe,” Walker said.

Pothoven so far has enjoyed the history and free museums. “The first day, as soon as we stepped off the plane and dropped off our luggage at the hotel, Madison and I spent the whole day at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh,” said Pothoven. The next day, Pothoven and Walker visited four more museums and the St. Giles Cathedral. From her bedroom window, Pothoven can see the Beheading Stone from the 1400s, and two cannons. Pothoven joined the Live Music Society at the University of Stirling. “I was very surprised that the University of Stirling does not really have a band or music department, but I’ve joined the Live Music Society which has some fun opportunities, like performing at Stirling Castle,” said Pothoven.

The two look forward to their upcoming tour of Scotland. They will get to see the Highlands, Loch Ness, and the Isle of Skye in April.
Dawsyn Wilson Copy Editor

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