Pinkpantheress makes the path she desires on “Heaven knows”

Elena Hernandez – Music Editor

Beloved Tiktok star Pinkpantheress finally dropped her first full length record. After going viral in 2020 with short snippets and demos, she has quickly garnered a loyal fanbase. Best known for her thick accent and hyperpop melodies, she has become a superstar among her Gen Z fans. The remix of her song “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2”, featuring another beloved artist, Ice Spice, ruled the airwaves this past summer, earning both women their first Top 10 hit in the States. Many fans have long awaited a full length album (well, as full length as it gets for Pantheress; the record sits at a whopping thirty-four minutes and fourteen seconds), and she surely delivered.

            The standout track from the record is, without a doubt, “The aisle”, which features a catchy chorus and quick drum beats; the very things that originally caused her snippets to gain so much traction in the first place. The lyrics detail a failed situationship, a common theme throughout the LP. “This problem again / look what it started / I lay in your bed / that’s how it started,” she sings effortlessly in a way that is sure to enchant listeners and place an earworm spell on listeners. In another standout track, “Ophelia”, Pantheress takes a more vulnerable approach towards this failed love, likening herself to Shakespeare’s character of the same name, who died by drowning. “What did I do to deserve you killin’ me this way? / I can’t lose my life like this, I’m still fighting / If I die, please let them find me / Because my lungs aren’t workin’ / liquid fills the inside of them, stops me talkin’ / you can see me underwater / as I descend, I see my life flash again,” she regretfully sings. The song finishes with sounds of gurgling water.

            Pinkpantheress has taken a unique approach to bedroom pop and breakbeat, pioneering an entirely new genre. She embarks on her first North American headlining tour in the spring of 2024, just a few months before she joins Olivia Rodrigo’s “GUTS” world tour as the opening act. Pinkpantheress is here to stay, and we will be watching to see what she does next.

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