Senior Art Show Asks You to Step Closer in Closing Reception: Four seniors finish off the semester with a senior art show

On Saturday, April 29, Monmouth College will be hosting a closing reception for the senior’s art show called Step Closer  in Hewes library at the Len G. Everett Gallery. Satyr Keeling, Elikem Ogba, Ian Castellanos and Jennie Nickols are four seniors that are both excited and nervous to finish the show and plan for the future:

Piece made by Jennie Nickols

“I’m relieved but also happy seeing my pictures printed because I’m usually watching them on a computer screen” said Ogba. “It also puts a lot into perspective, motivates me and I’m looking forward to what the future holds”.

Piece made by Elikem Ogba

“It’s scary not knowing what comes next, but I’m excited to explore new things now that this is complete. The work that is up is very strong and I’m excited for the public to see it” said Keeling.

Piece made by Satyr Keeling

“Liberating, there’s so much relief to finally be here after two years of work” said Nickols. “This show is one of the most well put together gallery events I’ve been in. I’m really proud to stand in the show next to the other three artists. It’s been a wild ride to get here, but we all worked together and are finishing our senior year with a bang”.

Piece made by Ian Castellanos

“I’m excited to have finished and see my work up in the show, digging deeper into my pieces has been an exciting ride and I’m looking forward to what my future holds with my art” said Castellanos.

Ian Castellanos – Contributing Writer

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