Scots Student Senate: the next executive board

This month, the Scots Student Senate Executive Board held elections for all officer positions. Previously, only the President and Vice President positions were elected. Candidates gave speeches and created social media posts to campaign for votes. Below are the winners of the election.

President: Luis Castillo ‘24

Vice President: Corey Pevitz ‘24

Parliamentarian: Kailyn Gore ‘26

Secretary: Sydney Barton ‘27

Treasurer: Carina Engst ‘27

Student Affairs Officer: Olivia Turley ‘24

Public Relations Officer: Maya Dickerson ‘27

Incoming Vice President, Corey Pevitz shared a statement about what to expect from the Scots Student Senate in upcoming years:

“It is an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to serve as the Vice President. I see Scot’s Student Senate as an untapped potential for change to promote the upward trajectory of campus. As Vice President, I will not serve at the pleasure of the President, but rather at the needs of the students. The Senate has a vital role in advocating for the student body, and I am looking forward to serving as the bridge between the students and faculty.

My main focuses for this coming year are concerns I have heard throughout campus; these include mental health, safety, and transparency from the faculty and staff. This is by no means an exhaustive list; college life ebbs and flows, so it is tantamount that the Senate retains an accurate picture of the campus’ needs.

With President Clarence Wyatt announcing his retirement, this is a time of great transition for Monmouth. I hope to make a difference in building a strong foundation for the next generation of students. It is an honor to serve the Scot’s Student Senate, the student body, and the Monmouth community.”

Hannah Pullen – Contributing Writer

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