Organizational Communication students host events for the community

Students from the Organizational Communication class, taught by Dr. Shweta Arpit Srivastava, held events a few weeks ago to support the campus and community. The purpose of the assignment was to learn how to work within an organization and recognize strategies for managing an event. The class was split into three organizations of five to six people. Each organization chose whether they wanted their event to be engagement, promotional, or fundraising based.

One of the groups, M.A.S.C.O.T, held an engagement event for the campus and community. Members Emilie Cain, Grace Goodrich, Sam Hartman, Tristan Lambert, Mason Martisauskas, and Sherydan Sanford, held their event in the Huff Concourse. Anyone could come and decorate cookies, take coloring pages, and temporary tattoos free of charge. The purpose of their event was to give people something fun to do throughout the day. It was designed to give people the choice to stay and hang out or grab things and go.

Another group, Hewes Heroes, chose to do a promotional event. The event was organized by Jan Abel, Ben Dorn, Izzy Gimm, Tyler Houck, Sanaia Jenkins, and Lydia Perez. They called it “The Hunt through Hewes” where students could learn more about Hewes Library by completing a scavenger hunt. By completing the scavenger hunt students had the chance to win merchandise from Einstein Bro’s Bagels. They aimed to promote all the resources that Hewes Library has to offer.

The final group, Scots Hub, held a fundraising event. This organization consisted of Malik Boxley, Felicia Castle, Alex Martinez-Urbina, Karli Strom, and Anthony Williams. They held a food drive outside of Monmouth’s Save A Lot, that was open to the whole community. The goal of the food drive was to help restock the Highlander Hub. Since the electrical fire that occurred in the Stockdale Cafeteria, the Highlander Hub has been working to gain back its inventory. This event served to help support their restocking by giving all donations collected to the hub.

Each event had a different focus behind it, while some had overlapping purposes. Students worked for a little over half the semester on these events. Planning these events served to give the students real-life experiences and insights into how it might be working in an organization.

Emilie Cain – News and Opinion Editor

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