Scots Fall in Conference Opener

On April 1, Monmouth College Men’s Lacrosse struggled to find ways to win the first conference game and stop Dubuque in a 25-4 loss. Gordon Keisgen (Spring Grove, Illinois) recorded two back to back goals from faceoffs against the defending conference champions.

            The Scots struggled in the first quarter giving Dubuque a 10-0-point lead and a 13-0 run until Michael Casey (Chicago, Illinois) scored the first goal. Dubuque scored late in the quarter to go into halftime 14-1 over the Scots.

            Coming out of halftime Dubuque went on a four-point run until Keisgen scored in back to back face offs making the score 18-3. Dubuque then went on to a 25-3 lead until Ben LaFrenere (Schaumberg, Illinois) scored with the assist from Carlos Hernandez (Billings, Montana) making the final score 25-4. The Scots head to Northland College in Ashland, WI this Saturday.

Ian Castellanos – Contributing Writer

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