Scots Day of Giving Raises $300,00

The annual Scots Day of Giving raises money to help various Monmouth College projects. Some of the specific projects this year included the Fighting Scots Society which is athletic centered, the Summer Opportunity for Intellectual Opportunities (SOFIA), and the Senior Class Gift to the Highlander Hub.

“So really for 18 hours and 53 minutes of the day, we are fundraising for the College. It starts at five o’clock and we finish at 11:50 at night. It’s a long day but honestly the alumni support throughout the day is phenomenal, said Assistant Director of the Monmouth Fund, Troy Hippen ’22.

This year a new addition to the day was the “Monmouth Cash Cab” which was a decorated golf cart, that anyone could ride in for free, with a catch. In the “cash cab”, students or faculty could request a ride to a location on campus but had to compete in a Monmouth trivia game during the ride. Participants had a chance to win entries to raffles for the day.

At the end of the day over $300,000 was raised from all 50 states. “Without support, we aren’t here right now. And so it’s just trying to teach them and speak on the day about how important it is to give back to campus and be integral parts of Monmouth even after you graduate. There are plenty of ways to give back, and we are happy to help with every way that we can,” said Hippen.

Sal Alvarado – Contributing Writer

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