New Chaplain Excited to be Back at Monmouth College

Monmouth College hired a new chaplain, but not someone new to campus. Rev. Dr. John Huxtable graduated from Monmouth in 2004.

            “It is extremely exciting to be back at Monmouth. I feel honored and humbled by this wonderful opportunity to come home and do ministry in a place that ministered to me in so many ways,” said Huxtable.

            Huxtable is the first Monmouth alum to have the full time chaplain role since the late Paul McClanahan, who retired in 1979.

            When it comes to his path in religious studies, it wasn’t always so clear cut. His time at Monmouth was spent finding both who he was and what he truly wanted to do. In a last hope, he found his love for religious studies and the faith. Huxtable attributes his path in the faith to his grandmother and mother, who built a foundation in his life to stay willing and open to later influences. Many former professors here at Monmouth College, including David and Carolyn Suda, also contributed to his inspirations.

            “They shined a light onto the path and allowed me to follow that path with an enthusiasm that I had never felt for any other intellectual endeavor.”

            With Huxtable returning to the college, he also plans to get the chapel and services back to running how they used to. His plans are to use it as a tool for the community with hopes to build the community stronger and deepen connections with one another and the Divine. Weekly services have returned and are open to anyone and everyone.

            Huxtable states that there is much to love about Monmouth. The sense of always growing and learning is his favorite part and enjoys that there are always more questions to ask. Huxtable hopes to be a guide for any students and community members, always there to lend his advice.   

            “My advice would be to cherish this time and the people.  Be open to growing and connecting with the community as fully as possible. Let this time excite you and lead you on a wonderful life adventure. Most important is to never take this journey for granted,” Huxtable said.

Haley Melton – Contributing Writer

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