Alternative Spring Break

This year’s alternative spring break trip at Monmouth College looked different than in previous years. The primary purpose of the alternative spring break is to give students a chance to serve others and communities. Students, alongside faculty members, traveled to Peoria to tour Dream Center Peoria and the city’s local Boys and Girls Club.

At the Dream Center Peoria, they toured the facility. Marnie Dugan, the Associate Director for Student Success, who organized and led this year’s trip, explained how her favorite part of the trip was touring the homeless shelter. “I had previously never toured a homeless shelter or a location, and it was definitely different than I expected,” she said. Dugan liked how bright the facility was with many windows, having a welcoming atmosphere.

While their numbers were small for the one day to Peoria, Dugan was pleased by this year’s program. “I think that it built some connections for students, and I hope they had a positive experience,” Dugan said. There were many opportunities for students to learn more about themselves, build connections, and have fun. 

During the planning for the trip, Dugan realized students might not understand what an alternative spring break is and hopes to re-educate the campus for next year’s program. Dugan and others have already begun preparing for next year’s trip. She looks forward to what the program will look like next year.

“I’m looking forward to continuing to grow and develop the alternative spring break program to bring it back to a level of pre-pandemic.”

Dawsyn Wilson – Contributing Writer

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