Dr. Scott’s Lecture on “My Art of Living”

Last week Monmouth College held its 32nd annual Samuel Thompson memorial lecture. This year an associate professor and department chair of philosophy from Loyola University Dr. Jacqueline Scott spoke about her art of living. In her discussion, she dove deep into topics such as racism, sexism, and oppression.

Scott began with an introduction about herself. She is working on completing a book titled Nietzsche’s Worthy Opponents, Socrates, Wagner, the Ascetic Priest, and Women. Along with working on a book project titled Ending the Racial Nightmare: Re-Thinking Racial Identities and Alternate Paths to Racialized Health. Scott’s background in philosophy has allowed her to dig deeper into hard-hitting topics. She spoke about how taking philosophy courses has really allowed her to question things, and not just take them at face value.

Scott explained the difference between social identity and individual identity. Social identity is how other people define you, and what they say about you. Individual identity is how we define ourselves and whom we say we are. It is often that people are put into boxes and told they are one thing or another. Scott went over how people can hold multiple identities and that you are not confined to just one, whether people agree with those identities or not. For more information or to get in contact with Dr. Jacqueline Scott, contact Anne Mamary at annem@monmouthcollege.edu.

Emilie Cain – News and Opinion Editor

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