Dogs, Cats, and the Holy Spirit

On Wednesday, furry friends on campus received a blessing of love and protection. “The hope is to help humanity to see the powerful love of God in creation and all God’s creatures,” said Reverend John Huxtable. 

            Akula Law, a 5-year-old tuxedo cat, is one of the four-legged friends who received her blessing last week. According to her owner, Skylar “Skye” Law, Akula was “pretty chill about it, but she got a little mad toward the end from being in the cold and being held too much.”

            Despite the cold, Law says the blessing was a very calming and positive moment she shared with friends and their pets. “I took her to the blessing of the animals because I felt like it would bring positive energy into our life. While I don’t consider myself to be religious, I still appreciate experiences like that because they bring positive spiritual energy,” said Law.

            “The meaning of the service is about recognition of the great interconnectedness that we have with creation. This service is an acknowledgment of the deep love and connection between God and all of creation,” said Huxtable.

            During the service, Huxtable gave prayers and blessings to the students, sang some songs, and then blessed each animal by name. “Through celebrating the Blessing of the Animals, we are witnessing that deep connection and call to care for creation. The blessing is normally done around the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi because of the wonderful example his life was for caring for all of creation.”

            This is the first time. Huxtable held a Blessing of the Animals at Monmouth College. “I would definitely go to a similar event, especially when it includes my animal,” said Law. 

Anita Gándara – Contributing Writer

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