Classics National Conference hosted on Campus Classics Day returns with a new twist

“I was able to learn about so many beautiful Greek and Roman events and live in a world that happened ages ago,” said Dareann Pettis a freshman at Monmouth College. “Being able to live out different aspects and see all kinds of students come together to learn.” This year, Monmouth College hosted the 95th annual Eta Sigma Phi conference which included the annual Classics Day event. Eta Sigma Phi is a collegiate honor society for the study of classics.

Classics Day provides students with the opportunity to learn about different aspects of ancient history. Including presentations about LGBTQ+, mental health, disabilities, and their relation to ancient culture. Students could also borrow clothing that would have been used during the ancient time period.

“What I liked the most is how the many cultures and languages and history were combined, and being able to learn from students of color, women, and students with hearing disabilities,” said Pettis.

“I came to support my friends who care deeply about the classical world,”

said Kailyn Gore a freshman at Monmouth College. “I learned more about Medea and why people make arguments to justify her actions. Additionally, I learned about how disabilities were treated and discussed in the classical world.”

Additionally, student speakers taught others about different military styles and weapons with volunteers posing as soldiers for the different military presentations. “I thought it was a very immersive and engaging classical experience as a hopeful classics minor,” said Loren Berberich a junior at Monmouth College. “I helped with the Macedonian military display of the military structure of a Macedonian phalanx.”

Hanna Pullen – Contributing Writer

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