Senior Scots and their Next Steps

As the semester begins to wind down and senior commencement day approaches, many of Monmouth’s seniors are starting to plan their next steps. Whether that be graduate school, entering the workforce, or completely unknown, it is nearly time to say farewell to the Class of 2023. “I’m really looking forward to seeing where this path takes me,” Senior Ally Clay said. Clay, who is a Public Relations major, has decided to apply to law school and masters programs for political communication in Washington, D.C. after her time at Monmouth ends. Senior English major, Josée Varboncoeur also plans to attend a masters program as well. “After graduation I plan on attending graduate school to obtain a Masters in Library Science and Information,” said Varboncoeur. “I am aiming to be a Library Director in a public library to assist the public in whatever way I am able to. I would love to better a community through the work of a library.”

Josée Varboncoeur
Ally Clay

While Clay and Varboncoeur are taking the path of higher education, others are planning to take less traditional routes as well. Alex King, who is also a senior English major, is planning to serve in the United States Air National Guard. King describes her plans combining both her love for writing and her service to the military. “I hope to attend Officer Training School to become an officer in the Air National Guard. With this officer position, I hope to become a Public Affairs Officer working as a sort of journalist for the military,” she said. “I hope I can offer some good in the world.” King has been working for the military for the last few years, although serving her country isn’t the only goal she hopes to meet. “Down the line, I really aspire to become an editor/publisher for a book publishing company. My ultimate dream is to be able to create and read books all day.”

Mia Martino – Staff Writer

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