Chorale “Finnish” their last home performance of the semester

“Watching the concert was so fulfilling because I know how much effort everyone put in,” said Sarah Saddoris, an audience member and a junior at Monmouth College.  “I love listening to all the beautiful voices.” On March 18, the Monmouth College Chorale performed its last on-campus concert.

“My favorite part of the concert was when we performed Kaivo,” said Monmouth College Junior Anita Gandara, “It’s a Finnish song about a folk tale that the composer’s grandmother told her. I love that the cord changes create differences of light and dark that paint the story of the song. It felt so rewarding and satisfying to perform it because it was in a completely new language for many of us.”

Gandara is not the only chorale member who enjoyed performing Kaivo, “My favorite song is Kaivo because we got to learn Finnish in a fun way. Also, it is a really pretty song,” Edrass Chavez, a freshman at Monmouth College, said. Even though Kaivo is sung in Finnish, the screen behind the singers showed the English translations of any songs in a different language, with the lyrics also being available in the program.

“I love singing Dusk and Dawn by Ken Steven,” said Jacob Rathgeb, a senior at Monmouth College. “It doesn’t have real lyrics, but rather sounds. Also, it does include movements, and it really accentuates the talents of our choir which I think the audience also recognized.” Dawn and Dusk allowed students to hear sounds and see dances from Indonesia.

The Chorale’s spring concert will be on May 6th in Galesburg.

Hannah Pullen – Contributing Writer

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