Cafeteria Cravings

With the Scots back into Stockdale there are bound to be some meals one looks forward to when entering. This week I have dived into some of our campus favorites. A typical favorite around campus is ramen. This is a specialty item, so it is not served daily. When Ramen is on the menu there is excitement from many students. When asked about their favorite Stockdale meal Halle Madjich responded with much excitement when saying “ramen”. The next item came to me as more of a surprise. One of the regular items at the Under the Hood section made the list of favorites, this being grilled cheese. When asked their favorite meal, a classic was listed by Ana Iatauro, and honestly you can never go wrong with a grilled cheese. Another fan favorite that I do not disagree with is chili con carne. This is a classic that is on the menu regularly and is well loved by many. Recently the cafeteria has also been having specialty items. A recent favorite has been margherita cheese ravioli served earlier this week. Then there are the more typical grab and go favorites such as Sweet Pickles and the sandwiches made there by Nancy that can be made both to-go and dine-in. Make sure to go try these fan favorites in Stockdale!

Jacy Goodnight – Staff Writer

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