Opinion- “Hopeful for the End” Scots on the Second Half of the Semester

With Scots arriving back on campus after Spring Break and sunny days getting more and more frequent, it’s no secret that summer vacation is right around the corner. Now with midterms behind us, Scots are beginning to prepare for final exams and watching the weather for when the temperatures begin to rise. As the seniors begin to prepare for graduation and saying goodbye to Monmouth College, some are more excited than others. “I’m super excited for graduation,” Senior Alex King said.  “Everything is super stressful, but I’m hopeful for the end.”

While finals and thoughts of the future may be stressing out seniors like King, sophomore Camille Prentiss feels differently. “I’m not stressed, but I am excited,” said Prentiss about the school year coming to a close, “Keep pushing through.” Others aren’t feeling the weight of the second semester at all. “Time is a concept,” said freshman Dean Duncan who’s end of year strategy seems to be being care-free and productive.

As the year comes to a close, spring sports are in full swing with the first home baseball game of the season being on April 1st against the University of Chicago. Scots looking for a study break should get outside in the improving weather and support the spring teams!

Mia Martino – Staff Writer

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