Monmouth College Students Unite Against Racial Injustice

Following the demonstration that was held prior to spring break, students are eager to ignite change. One student in particular, Ajani Baker ‘25, is jumpstarting a Persons of Color Student Union. Baker said, “I wanted to get involved because I want people to feel secure and at home at Monmouth College.”

As of now, members of the executive board include; Baker, Sele Salinas, Nic Martin, Dre Barnes, and Ethan Panganiban. Lori Ferguson, Director of Title IX, and Trudi Peterson, Chair of the Communication Department and Coordinator of Women’s Studies will be advising the organization.

Baker said that, “right now the board’s main goals are to unite the community of people of color and to create a safe place.”

“Allyship is another critical factor for our campus, ” Baker said. “…being an ally to the community is understanding the hardships minorities face every day. It’s educating yourself, being receptive, and it requires time and patience.”

The Persons of Color Student Union hope to engage all members of the college community by holding events in the near future. “The solution right now is simply unity,” Baker said. “Unity must happen on this campus because of the issues people of color on campus are facing.”

Tasha Bernius – Contributing Writer

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