Why study abroad?

Monmouth College offers a variety of options for enrolled students to study abroad.

 “Studying abroad gives you a better sense of yourself and the ability to help adapt to different climates,” said Associate Director of Career Development and Experimental Learning Elizabeth Smith.  “It also gives students a chance to see the world, learn about new food, and strengthen their navigation skills.”

Monmouth offers a few different study abroad options that Monmouth offers. One is ISEP (International Student Exchange Program), students pay Monmouth’s tuition, and they essentially swap places with another student. Another opportunity is the Irish American Scholars program in Belfast, you need at least a 3.2 GPA to get in, but it is tuition-free. Students also can go on Scot’s term trip which typically last 10 days and are for course credit.

“You should become a global Scot because we help you get everything you need,” said Smith. “There is a passport program where you just have to apply for it, and we reimburse you. All you need to do is bring the receipt, and the passport will be good for 10 years.”

For further information about the study abroad program contact Elizabeth Smith at ecsmith@monmouthcollege.edu or locate her in ACE room 131.

Emilie Cain – News & Opinion Editor

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