How to print when systems are down

With wireless printing on campus being unavailable at his time, many students may not know now to print from a college computer. Hewes library student assistant Maddi Butler explains the process in these steps.

“First, email the file you want to print to yourself or save it to a place where you will be able to access it from other devices. This way you can open it on any computer. Go to a computer in the library or anywhere where there is a school computer. Then go to settings, search printer, scroll until you find the one you are looking for, and add that printer. Once you have the printer added you should be able to hit print on the pulled-up document and send it to the printer that you previously added.”

For additional help contact a library staff member. The library is open Monday through Thursday 7:30 am-9:00 pm, Friday 7:30 am-4:30 pm, and Sunday 1:00 pm-9:00 pm.

Emilie Cain – News & Opinion Editor

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