Top 10 Christmas Movies You Need to Watch Over Break

With the holidays steadily approaching and students getting a break from the workload, what better way to celebrate than with some Christmas movies? Don’t worry if you can’t decide which movie to choose, here are my top 10 Christmas movies to watch this season. Starting from number ten here are the movies you should watch this season.

10. Christmas with the Kranks

Who doesn’t love ham for Christmas? The Kranks daughter who wasn’t supposed to be home for Christmas comes home and the family is set to make this Christmas just as good as the ones before it. This comedy movie really connects to college viewers who are coming home for Christmas.

9. A Christmas Carol

You’re never too old to enjoy Christmas. This film takes you on the journey of Ebenezer Scrooge and how he becomes a nicer man. This film is great for people who enjoy a bit of the supernatural in their movies.

8. Elf

This hilarious movie is one for the whole family to enjoy. It discusses how one person can spread holiday cheer to so many. Buddy the elf visits the big city to see his family and spreads holiday cheer to everyone he encounters.

7. Four Christmases

This comedy shows the realities of trying to juggle Christmas with split families. This couple whose parents are both divorced try to attend all Christmases with each of their family members because their way out got canceled.

6. White Christmas

This Christmas classic takes you back in time to WWII with Bob and Phil and the entertainment they brought to their fellow soldiers. After the war the two team up and make it big as entertainers. They eventually meet up with a sisters act and fall in love.

5. A Christmas Story

“You’ll shoot your eye out!” When you reminisce on your favorite Christmas gift, is yours the same as Ralphies? A Red Ryder BB gun. Even though everyone told Ralphie the BB gun was dangerous and it turned out to be, he still remembers it as the best gift he’d ever received.

4. Happiest Season

This movie showcases holidays in the twenty-first century. Sexuality, social media influences, and navigating life as your true self.

3. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

This movie shows just how crazy family can be but you love them through it. This lighthearted movie showcases having the whole family home for the holidays and the chaos and love they all bring with them.

2. The Polar Express

This movie shows the journey of growing up and losing the Christmas spirit, except this all changed when the Polar Express comes and picks up the small boy and changes his whole outlook. He soon learns that you’re never too old for the Christmas spirit.

1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas shows how love and company is the best way to spend Christmas. The Grinch who lives alone with only his dog, hates Christmas and everything that goes along with it. But that all changes when he becomes friends with a little girl named Cindy Lou Who. She shows him what Christmas is really about.

Jacy Goodnight – Staff Writer

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