5 Christmas Movies to Watch Over Winter Break

As we all take our finals and begin to pack our bags for winter break, many Monmouth College students have Christmas on their minds. What better way to spend your time off of classes and homework and to get into the Christmas spirit than to watch a Christmas movie? Below are five classic Christmas movies from different genres, guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit.

Love Actually

A modern Christmas classic, Love Actually follows the multiple storylines of its star-studded mostly British cast. The movie begins five weeks before Christmas as the characters’ storylines move throughout the Christmas season. This is the perfect Christmas romance movie to watch if you want to feel all of the holiday emotions.

Where to watch: Prime Video, Peacock TV

Christmas with the Kranks

When you think of Tim Allen Christmas movies, Christmas with the Kranks probably isn’t the first one to come to mind. However, it is arguably one of the best movies of the season. It follows Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis’s characters as they send their daughter, Blair, off to the Peace Corps and plan an epic holiday getaway. But their plans are changed when Blair unexpectedly decides to come home for Christmas with a surprise fiancé, sending the whole neighborhood into a panic to throw the greatest last minute Christmas party ever.

Where to watch: Prime Video

The Polar Express

If you’re looking for a more family friendly holiday movie to watch this season, The Polar Express is a timeless classic that never gets old. Perfect for all ages, The Polar Express stars the voices of Tom Hanks and Josh Hutcherson in a story about believing in the magic of Christmas.

Where to watch: HBO Max

A Bad Moms Christmas

On the opposite side of the spectrum of The Polar Express is the raunchy, R-rated, Christmas comedy, A Bad Moms Christmas. While A Bad Moms Christmas is a sequel to the first film, Bad Moms, it can also serve as a standalone. It follows the three main characters from the first film as their own mothers come visit for Christmas and somehow manage to mess up their holiday in countless ways.

Where to watch: Netflix


Perhaps you’re more interested in Halloween horror than Christmas comedy. Well, here’s the perfect mix of both! Krampus is a Christmas horror movie that brings the European legend of Krampus, an evil version of Santa Claus, to life. As Krampus torments the lives of an innocent family, there are jump scares, bad decisions, and everything you’d expect in a modern horror movie with the Christmas aesthetic.

Where to watch: Peacock app

Mia Martino – Staff Writer

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