Review- Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 Recap

If you are a fan of Bachelor Nation then you have been following this new season of Bachelor in Paradise.

This week came with the finale of season 8. This season had the cast of Ency Abedin, Mara Agrait, Romeo Alexander, Florence Alexandra, Micheal Allio, Shanae Ankeny, James Bonsall, Alex Bordyukov, Salley Carson, Jill Chin, Aaron Clancy, Jessenia Cruz, Johnny DePhillipo, Victoria Fuller, Kate Gallivan, Brittany Galvin, Justin Glaze, Hunter Haag, Sarah Hamrick, Eliza Isichei, Peter Izzo, Sierra Jackson, Brandon Jones, Rick Leach, Hailey Malles, Danielle Maltby, Hayden Markowitz, Rodney Mathews, Kira Mengistu, Lace Morris, Tyler Norris, Olu Onajide, Logan Palmer, Genevieve Parasi, Jacob Rapini, Serene Russell, Andrew Spencer, Adam Todd, Lyndsey Windham, Casey Woods, Teddi Wright, Joey Young, and Justin Young.

This season has been called the most shocking season in bachelor history. The first episode we all saw love bloom on the beach. Serene and Brandon immediately hit it off and were coupled up.

During this season we saw bachelor history being made. Many women self-eliminated including Teddi Wright, Sierra Jackson, and Salley Carson.

The men and the women in paradise were also split. The women on the beach were removed and sent to a different resort to test the relationships they had formed. The test was when a new group of women were brought in for the men to explore their connections with. But do not fear the women had the same opportunities on their resort as well with new men being brought in.

Relationships were tested and some even ended once they returned back to paradise, sorry Jill. But other relationships only got stronger. When Genevieve returned her and Aaron were better than before and bonded over the fact they had no interest in anyone else.

Upon Serenes’ return she and Brandon both realized the beach was boring without one another, ugh goals. But of course, the drama couldn’t end there.

During this season we dealt with the return of Justin who tried to break up everyone’s favorite couple on the beach, along with Genevieve and Aaron being toxic as ever (girl, just go home then).

But as we know the goal of the season is to end in an engagement and for some lucky people that might be the case. Let’s hope this season unfolds as expected and Serene and Brandon are the only ones leaving the beach engaged. We all know if anyone else does, it is bound to get messy.

Jacy Goodnight – Staff Writer

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