Meeting Mindful Monmouth

Mindful Monmouth was originally started as a student organization here on campus. It was created to show how important mental health is and promote wellness across the whole campus. Cindy Beatles and a student leader described their favorite events on campus as the Suicide Prevention Walk and the Cat Cafe. The Cat Cafe will actually be returning to campus this year tentatively December 1st. There will be cats from WIAR and coffee to enjoy and relax with animals and hopefully a special guest named Brody who is a Great Pyrenese. There will be tabling for this event in Mellinger Commons November 28th and 29th where you can make cat toys for the animals you meet at this event. The student leader interviewed stated the Suicide Prevention Walk helps get to know others and find common humanity amongst classmates and peers. Mindful Monmouth helps reach a broader audience, decrease the stigma associated with mental health, get to know the individuals and resources on campus and help identify at-risk students and offer them the resources, promote self care, sense of common humanity, and encourage participation. Cindy Beatles believes the lack of participation in the Monmouth College community is caused by a, “covid hangover.” Mindful Monmouth meetings are on Thursdays at 4:30pm and open to all of campus.

Jacy Goodnight – Staff Writer

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