Voter Education Event Helps Students Before Election

Last Thursday before the midterm elections, political science professor Andre Audette held a short event focused on helping attendees figure out how to vote and what’s on their ballot. Since 2022 is a midterm election year, voter turnouts are historically much lower than in a presidential election, but that does not lessen the importance of the election.

            “Midterm elections are important. They decide a lot of important races, so wherever you’re voting, you’re likely to be voting for some local candidates that can decide what sorts of funding schools get or whether your city repairs all the potholes on your streets and all sorts of things that affect your daily lives that you may not think about all the time,” said Audette.

            At the event, a sample ballot was shown for Warren County voters, and information on how to find your local polling place was also shared, along with how to check your registration status, all of which can be found online with ease.

            In addition to voting for candidates, the Illinois ballot includes a special topic that voters can make a decision on: an amendment to the Illinois constitution to allow for workers to unionize.

Julie Briones – Contributing Writer

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