Opinion: “I love to feed the young” -Petra Kuppinger

Last Week, Chair of the Sociology & Anthropology Department Petra Kuppinger went above and beyond teaching by providing a free dinner for students. In last week’s edition of The Courier, we had discussed the fire in Stockdale and how that was affecting students getting adequate meals. So Kuppinger took the current situation at the college as an opportunity to cook the students in her classes a homemade meal.

She served pasta with fresh vegetables from the Educational Garden, along with fresh hard boiled eggs donated by Professor Tom Sargent in the Educational Studies department. On top of the dinner, Kuppinger included snacks for the students to take home with them.

Kuppinger hosted the dinner because she wanted to show her students that she,  “cared. and wanted them to have a good home-cooked meal and a fun time together”. In class, she stated, “I love to feed the young”.

 The turnout at this dinner was awesome: students filled the Weeks house with laughter and a sense of community while Kuppinger filled their stomachs with some home-cooked food.

Jacy Goodnight – Staff Writer

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