Paws With Pi Phi

Last week, campus had a chance to snuggle some cute animals thanks to the members of Pi Beta Phi. Their event, Paws with Pi Phi collaborated with the Western Illinois Animal Rescue, WIAR, to bring some animals onto campus as a fun welcome back after fall break.

Pi Beta Phi’s Director of Service and Philanthropy, Lillian Hucke said she, “noticed how much love and support that emotional support animals have brought to students, so I thought it would be fun to bring some pets to campus.” Pi Beta Phi had previously helped with WIAR and Hucke thought this would be a way to fill their need for volunteers to play with the animals by getting the campus involved.

At the event, there were some cats along with many kittens and a special visit from a Monmouth Students own dog, Odie.

Senior, Lena Wickens “enjoyed attending Paws with Pi Phi because it had been a very long week and playing with the animals allowed me stress relief. I was also excited that my donation went to a good cause.”

Paws with Pi Phi raised money for their fraternity’s Literacy Fund but half of the proceeds also went to WIAR as well.

For more information on WIAR and how to adopt an animal go to

Jacy Goodnight – Staff Writer

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