Annual Security Report and Campus Security Resources

The Monmouth College Campus Security recently published their yearly Security Report, which contains campus resources, statistics on crime rates in the previous years, and assistance for victims.

 In the Security Reports the statistics focused on Criminal Offensives for the past three years at Monmouth College. For the offenses that are connected to Criminal Homeside the rate has been 0 for these years. In other words, there have been no murders, acts of manslaughter, or any causes of death to another person at Monmouth College in the past three years. In other categories like sex offenses and burglary there have been instances. There have also been multiple consecutive offenses which have occurred in these three years. The multiple offenses show up in rape, burglary, and judicial referrals that have to do with drugs and alcohol. However, there have not been any arrests from local law enforcement that appeared on these charts from 2019-2022.

 Campus security can be reached 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at (309)-457-3456. 

Lydia Perez – Sports Editor

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