Zoca is Back!

After a long semester without Scotland Yard Dining options in the lower level of Stockdale, Zoca is now open. Zoca is a Mexican dining option for students serving burritos, nachos, bowls and tacos. Scotland Yard is a nice alternative and gives students more options.

According to Dining Service Director, Angela Cox, the nationwide labor shortage was the biggest challenge to overcome when opening Zoca up, along with maintenance that needed to happen in Scotland Yard. “Because we understood that students missed Scotland Yard, we prioritized its’ opening and made the necessary dining modifications to open Zoca. We would like to increase staffing and hope that students are interested,” said Cox. “We would love to open the Sandwich Shack if we can get more people hired.

Monmouth College Dining does offer the Sweet Pickles deli sandwiches as part of the to-go program in Scots Dining,” Cox added. The biggest challenge in opening Scotland Yard was the ongoing labor situation and as an incentive, new student hires are offered $100 flex bonus.

“As a transfer student, I never had a chance to try Zoca in the past. I find it to be a refreshing alternative to the cafeteria,” said senior Samera Lesher. “Zoca’s comeback is better than the Kardashians, although I would really like to see the sandwich shack open and the pasta place back open. To have all three places open would truly make everything ‘back to normal’,” said junior Bailey Shimmin.

Alison Barrington – Staff Writer

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