Never too old to Trick or Treat on Campus

Some may say that college students are too old to go Trick or Treating, but the campus community came together to say that you are never too old. The student organization Mindful Monmouth held a campus wide “Treat or Trick Day” on Thursday October 28th. They invited all faculty and staff to provide treats of their choice to put out for anyone who wanted a snack. “Before Halloween comes here we wanted to have a spin off treat or trick day,” said senior Miracle Sims. “Where faculty is also involved and student can come around campus and get candy and have a fun week leading up to Halloween.” Many departments participated with candy, snacks, decorations and even some dressing up in the Halloween costumes. Beyond the Trick or treat day, Mindful Monmouth planned to give out treat bags on Halloween all for the purpose of promoting mental health. “Our main thing was how last semester, last year, there was barely any fun Halloween activities,” said Sims. “So I figured on behalf of Mindful Monmouth we can do a Halloween sponsored event that also promoted mental health as well.” As a senior, Sims hopes that this event will continue next year and that “everyone on campus is in costume, that would be great… just get in the Halloween spirit.”

Benjamin Dorn – Contributing Writer

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