My Why – Tori Cook

Whenever I talk about why I chose Monmouth, I like to divide it into a three-part pie chart. The first piece would be engineering. I always knew that I would thrive in a small school setting and Monmouth had recently started an engineering program, so at the time I felt it would be the perfect place for me. The second piece is lacrosse. I had felt an immediate connection to my coach and the players I met while on my visits, and knew it was a team I wanted to be a part of. The third piece is the feeling of comfort I felt on my visits (shoutout Liv Matlock <3). I am currently in my second year of the engineering program and am pursuing an honors minor and potentially a religious studies minor. I think one of the best things the engineering program has to offer is the fact that it is small and flexible. Because there aren’t that many of us, the things we want to can be accomplished more easily than if our program was larger. For example, for me, education is something that I am passionate about, and Professor Fasano and Professor Iselin have both been really supportive when it comes to helping me find the right path to my end goal of becoming an engineering teacher. One thing I want the campus to know about me is I play lacrosse and us lax bros are pretty great, so you should join our team

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