Sport Movie Spotlight: Hoosiers

As we progress into the winter months I often think back to my good ole high school days where I was beaming with excitement to watch my local high school basketball team battle our rival on the court. To relive this excitement once again, I often scratch my basketball itch with the truly legendary film, Hoosiers.

David Anspaugh’s Hoosiers follows failed basketball coach Norman Dale (Gene Hackman). Landing a job in the tiny Indiana town of Hickory, Coach Dale finally gets a shot at redemption and takes on the Hickory high school basketball program. Not only does Coach Dale take on the challenge of struggling program, but he also must also navigate a very critical town that cherishes their Hickory basketball team. After a Hickory teacher (Barbara Hershey) persuades star player Jimmy Chitwood to quit and focus on his long-neglected studies, Dale struggles to develop a winning team in the face of community criticism for his temper and his unorthodox choice of an assistant coach, Shooter (Dennis Hopper), a notorious alcoholic.

If you are like me and miss the excitement of basketball season, be sure to check out the iconic sports film, Hoosiers.

Griff Morrill – Sports Editor

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