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Because of cold temperatures on Friday night, the 4th annual My Story event took place in Dahl Chapel, where a selected group of speakers were given the platform to share their unique stories. Dahl was only able to accommodate approximately 25 people due to COVID regulations so the event was also live streamed on Facebook allowing more people to listen to the different stories.

“I think the former Vice President Jeren Stewart put it beautifully ‘We are more alike than we choose to admit. We hid our similarities by keeping our deepest experiences to ourselves,” said Student Senate President Abierre Minor. “By uncovering those experiences, we have an opportunity to empower our community and cultivate a culture of understanding”.

The speakers included Sreya Roy, Tyrek Walker, Ivair Pacheco, Kirsten Menke, Nyasaina Kwamboka, and Maddison Leigh Vineyard who joined online. According to Minor, speakers were selected as student senate executive nominated two speakers with the end goal of having “a diverse pool of speakers with a variety of experiences to share with our audience”. One of the speakers Nyasaina Kwamboka participated in this event because “I’m proud of my name and identity…I also wanted people who have ethnic names to remember that it is important to cherish their names regardless of the Western world’s stereotypes”. The speakers provided insight into their lives and their personal journeys simply to inform people on what other students might be going through. For Kwamboka her speech was devoted to the fact that she wanted students, faculty, administration and all others to say her name. “I want them to learn how to someone’s name because there is no loss gained in trying to give someone the value they deserve,” said Kwamboka.

“My family was also able to join in online from Kenya so that made me really happy too,” said Kwamboka . “Our speakers were so fierce and unapologetic this year. Everyone owned the stage and their stories”.

The event was organized by Student Senate and included performances from the Red Hot Scots and a piper who closed the proceedings.

Kieren Marshall – Staff Writer

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