2020 Election Campus Poll Results

Last week, I conducted a campus-wide poll of the 2020 presidential election to try to gauge where we fall on the political spectrum this election cycle. I used a Google poll via e-mail, with responses being completely anonymous, to try and encourage a large turnout. With that being said, here are my results:

With 315 responses submitted, the breakdown was 56.4% of the campus supporting President Trump, and 41.1% voting for Joe Biden. The remaining vote went to a third party option. With that being said, in my pursuit of the poll being easy to complete to encourage people to participate, I was unable to limit the number of responses per respondent. Thus, there was the potential for extra votes being recorded by the same participant. With that being said, it is an important reminder that no poll is perfect, and that it is practically impossible for a poll to perfectly predict how an election would go, especially one that is this polarizing. Even when considering the potential for error in this poll, it is clear that our campus contains a large amount of diversity of thought when it comes to our student population. Thus, it is important that we as Monmouth College students recognize that not everyone has the same beliefs as us, and we should have an appreciation for the fact that our student population encompasses a variety of different perspectives as opposed to being one giant echo chamber.

Riley Dulin – Politicl Editor

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