Volleyball Prepares for a Possible Spring Season

The Monmouth College volleyball team would usually be in the middle of their regular season, but because of COVID-19 they are hoping to have a season in the spring.

The team has been practicing 3 days a week while wearing masks at all times and doing their best to maintain social distancing regulations. The first few weeks of practice, the team had to be split into two groups to lessen the number of women playing at once. They eventually were able to reunite as a team and have a larger practice.

“We lack a lot of team chemistry without being able to give each other high fives after plays and not being able to be close to each other,” said Sophomore Sarah LaHood, “Which means we can’t do any team scrimmages so that has made practice kind of difficult.” She also said it is difficult doing conditioning drills with a mask on and feels like she is moving slower than normal.

The team has added four freshmen to their roster this year and they will also lose four seniors after the season is over. As expected, many athletes specifically seniors were disappointed with the news of no fall sports this semester.

“I feel really excited when I get told that we could possibly have a season in the spring, it gives me a little bit of hope and something to work for in practice now,” said Senior Abby Teske. “I know it would not be a normal season but getting the opportunity just to play a few games would make it all worth it I think.”

The last day of practice for the volleyball team will be October 30th with the hopes of beginning a season in the spring.

Gabby Crothers – Contributing Writer

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