Sports Movie Spotlight: Happy Gilmore

As we keep progressing through a tough semester, it is important to find opportunities to laugh and enjoy present and past movies that brings us joy and satisfaction.

Being an athlete who lost their fall season due to COVID, I picked up a new hobby…GOLF. Although this new hobby does bring lots of joy, it also brings lots of frustration. While on the course, I consistently compare my ill fortunes to the similar frustrations Happy is plagued with in the beloved, light-hearted flick Happy Gilmore.

Perhaps Adam Sandler’s most famous movie, Happy Gilmore follows the story of a failed hockey player named Happy (Adam Sandler) who finds his best talent is that he has the most powerful drive in golf history. Separate from his failed hockey endeavors, Happy discovers that his sweet grandmother is about to lose her house after failing to pay her taxes. Because of his new found golf talents, Happy sets out to join the PGA tour in order to win the money to save his grandmother’s home. Soon after joining the PGA tour, Happy attracts a big fan following because of his rare yet refreshing personality that he brings to the golf course. Senior Courtney Ouart makes note of his swing too, “It became an almost iconic symbol that many people can recognize when they are attempting to replicate him – it gives off a “happy” step.” Gilmore begins to gain a big fan following, Happy also attracts unwanted attention from golf pro Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald).

Taking away from his own professional attention, Shooter sets out to beat Happy at all costs which would stop Happy from saving his grandma’s home.

If you are looking for a laugh this week, be sure to check out Happy Gilmore. You won’t be disappointed

Griff Morrill – Sports Editor

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