Ask Scotty

Dear Scotty,

So I am a sophomore living in Bowers. Why is this lot always so full? I hardly ever can find a spot here and when I do the other person doesn't know how to park...has parking always been this bad and I just never paid attention to it??

Bow-Town Ben

Dear Bow-Town Ben,

How did you get into Bowers as an underclassmen in the first place? (You better not have a corner room too) But really parking wasn't this bad before, especially for that lot. Obviously you know that only certain passes can be "legally" parked there, however when the amount of spaces have been oversold by 10 or more spots, parking can be a hassle! Thanks MoCo. Either way, if you wanted to take a drive, get ready to walk back - if you do get a spot, leave it and go play the lotto because you kinda hit the jackpot. And on the terrible parking, it's normal here. Half of the lot is from Chicago/the Burbs or the YeeYee Illinois, get use to it ;)


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