Around the Kilt: MLB Playoffs

Riley Dulin – Political Editor

With the elimination of the Cubs, Sox, and Cardinals from the MLB postseason, things look unfortunately less exciting. With that being said, several good matchups exist in the absence of our beloved Midwestern teams. My prediction for this year’s World Series, thus, is the Los Angeles Dodgers facing off against the New York Yankees. The Dodgers have been a force to be reckoned with in the National League for quite some time, and are one of the most talented teams in baseball. The Yankees, another perennial powerhouse, feature a high powered offense to go along with a talented defense. In this matchup, I expect the Yankees to take the series in seven games, especially given the Dodgers’ tendency to choke in the Fall Classic. This should be a great series to watch though, and hopefully it will help MLB gain more fans of America’s Pastime.

Griff Morrill – Sports Editor

With a Chicago World Series out of the picture, this MLB post season is already on course for a bumpy and wild ride. In the National League and the Chicago Cubs out of playoff play, the Atlanta Braves are sure to coast to the NLCS where they will play the electric Los Angeles Dodgers. Although I would like to see the Braves in the World Series, I Believe the Dodger will takes the series in 6 games. In the American League, the race to the World Series will be very different than its National League counter part. With many of the American league playoff teams close is play, I believe there will be several upsets that will make for an entraining ALCS. I believe the New York Yankees will take the Tampa Bay Rays to 5 games where they will advance to the ALCS to face the Houston Astros. Like they did with the Rays, the Yankees will take the Astros to seven games where they will advance to face the Dodgers in the World Series. To cap on the MLB season, the Dodger will defeat the Yankees in five games making them World Champs.

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