Sport Movie Spotlight: The Sandlot

With little sports entertainment to go around these days, other than the national stage of course, some classic movies are always a good idea to revist to scratch that irritaing sport itch.

Being an avid Sports fan myself, The Sandlot hits home. Perhaps one of the first sports movies I have ever seen, The Sandlot has always been the model film that I compare against throughout the entire sports cinema genre.

Directed by David Mickey Evans and written by Robert Gunter, The Sandlot hit theaters in the Spring of 1993. The story takes place in heat of summer in 1962 where it follows Scottie Smalls (Tom Guiry), the new kid on the block. Missing his old home and friends, Scotty finds himself at the old sandlot befriending the other neighborhood kids that call the old sandy baseball diamond home for all their contests and shenanigans. With a new team of friends, Scottie and the Sandlot crew play lots of baseball and stir up lots of mischief in this nostalgic heartfelt 90’s film.

Although the Sandlot may be centered around the sport of baseball, it also tells the story of friendship, teamwork, and not judging a book by its cover.

If you have already enjoyed The Sandlot or have never seen it before, don’t be afraid to view it for yourself as it is bound to make you miss your childhood.

Griff Morrill – Sports Editor

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