Opinion: Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk on Campus

Ally Clay – Contributing Writer

On Thursday September 24th, 2020 Monmouth counselors and members of Mindful Monmouth hosted their “Out of Darkness: Suicide Prevention Walk” at 8pm at April Zorn Stadium. Students were encouraged to attend as a way to remember the people they may have lost from suicide and to learn different ways to help prevent suicides.

The Out of Darkness: Suicide Prevention Walk is a very meaningful event for me. Being someone who has lost more than one person to suicide, I was very moved by the people who shared their personal stories of their lost loved ones. It is something hard to do but also something that needs to be done in order to spread awareness, and teach others how to prevent it.

We were greeted by our campus counselors, Cindy Beatles and Tom Caudill, who shared with us their own experiences along with the purpose for this event, to spread awareness of suicide, how to help prevent it, and above all show the people around you that they are loved. With September being suicide awareness month, this event on campus occurs annually and anyone is welcome to join.

The participants can walk as much as they would like but the goal is 1 mile (4 laps on the track), while listening to a playlist of uplifting music as we remember those we have lost to suicide, and the lives they lived. I highly encourage everyone to attend this event in upcoming years as it is a great way to become more aware of suicide, and to learn more information.

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