Around the Kilt: Bears QB Situation

Riley Dulin – Political Editor

The Chicago Bears did not hesitate to name Nick Foles as next week’s starter against the Colts, and this lack of confidence in Mitchell Trubisky is a grave mistake. Overconfidence in Foles is common currently, with his comeback victory over a Falcons team known for blowing big leads this year. The fact, though, is that benching Trubisky for the season will harm the QB’s confidence even more. Mitch is the Bears’ Quarterback for the future. He led them to 12-4 record two seasons ago, and can do it again with more confidence in his arm and the right playcalling. This lack of trust on the part of the Bears’ OC is typical Bears dysfunction and will hurt them long term when Foles cools off from his hot streak.

Griff Morrill – Sports Editor

Just as in the previous two weeks, The Chicago Bears once again won their 3rd game aganist the Atlanta Falcons in spectactular fashion coming from behind. This outcome is a direct result in the confident play that Nick Foles brought to the field in the second half. With the joy of an undefeated Bears aside, there is a true dilema for the quarterback situation in Chicago. With Mitch Trubisky performing in the simlar fashion that he always has, the Bears have decided to name Foles the starter from this week forward as they strive for a successful season. In my opinion, going with Foles is the correct decsion. Because of his experience and weapons on the Bears’ offensive squad, Foles can lead the Bears offense to being a more cosistant threat in the NFL.

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