An Interview with Candidate Scott Stoll

Last Sunday I had the chance to sit down with Scott Stoll, who is running for State Representative of the 93rd Illinois State House District. Stoll is challenging Republican incumbent Norine Hammond, who has held the seat for over a decade.

Stoll graduated from Rockford University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and has lived in Rushville for the past ten years. Stoll is the Chief Operating Officer of the Moreland and Devitt Pharmacy, serves on the Rushville Chamber of Commerce, and has served as an alderman in Rushville for the last three years as well as serving in other community roles.

Stoll Says that he originally got into politics out of a desire to “help the community” and “use some of my background to bring something to the table”, in addition to this, Stoll also expressed his belief in the importance of leading by serving and providing an example to others.

Stoll also explained some of his ideas on how to expand job opportunities, he stated that we must start with “incentivizing small businesses first and foremost”, that we must “keep students in our area working, create these jobs around them, and give them opportunities”, and thirdly that “I think we need to introduce some new industries”.

Stoll also talked about his views on the problem of healthcare in the state as well as the nation “we need to get lobbyists away from the table and start making decisions as legislators for the benefit of the people”. In terms of a broader solution Stoll said that he believes “the starting point is lowering these costs and making sure that people are taken care of”.

Stoll said in reference to his opponent that, “We’ve seen the same rhetoric, we’ve seen the same thought process for 25 years. We’ve seen 25 years of the same mentality and I don’t know that it’s gotten us anywhere.”  At the end of the interview Stoll stated that he aims to be “a representative for all of the people”, and not just of those that vote for him.

You can find a full recording of this interview below.

Joe Doner – Staff Writer

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