Staff Spotlight: Emily Laughlin

I am a sophomore History Major with a teacher licensure from Milan, IL. On campus, I am involved in Pi Beta Phi where I hold the position of Director of Fraternity Heritage, Stockdale Fellows, Alpha Lambda Delta, Women’s Tennis, and Copy Editor for The Courier. Here are 20 facts about me:

  1. What do I want to be when I grow up? President, Mail lady, Lawyer, or a Zoologist…Just depends on the day.
  2. I want to travel to all 48 continental states while living in an RV.
  3. I have a pet hermit crab, Hermie, that I won 5 years ago at our county fair.
  4. I absolutely detest mushrooms and tomatoes.
  5. I was Editor in Chief of an award-winning yearbook in high school. I am basically Rory Gilmore.
  6. I only listen to country music.
  7. My favorite color is green…like the grass and trees.
  8. I have been playing tennis for over 10 years. #Tennis…It’swhatIdo
  9. I worked as a junior zookeeper at the Niabi Zoo.
  10. I currently work at Bath and Body Works.
  11. I am in love with President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III.
  12. In 2010, I met Justin Bieber. #Belieber
  13. If I could move anywhere it would be Washington DC, preferably the White House.
  14. If I could go anywhere it would be Alaska or Ireland.
  15. I run on Iced Vanilla Lattes.
  16. I impulsively buy books that I am never going to read but it is all about the aesthetics.
  17. Why go to the bar on a Tuesday night when I can be cuddled up in bed watching the news. #PartyAnimal
  18. Looking for a future husband with a lake house.
  19. I did CrossFit for a year and a half.
  20. “It’s called the ‘bend and snap'”

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