Scots Football Predicts the NFL Season

Amidst the backdrop of a global pandemic and protests for social justice happening allover the country, the 2020 NFL season has begun and the first two weeks have been filled withdrama. With Atlanta showing us yet again that blowing leads is in their team DNA and MitchTrubisky teasing Bears fans with two solid performances before his inevitable demise two weeksdown the road, this season promises to be one to remember.

Monmouth College Football Defensive Coordinator, Mitch Russell said that this year’s Super Bowl champion would be the Kansas City Chiefs. What seems like a lock could proveotherwise as Super Bowl champion repeats are very rare, in fact, only 12 teams have gone backto the Super Bowl the year after they’ve won it, and of those only seven have repeated. The last team to do so, the 2003-2004 Patriots.

Coach Russell, said he wouldn’t be surprised if the Baltimore Ravens won the Lombarditrophy though. After being upset in last season’s divisional round by the Tennessee Titans itseems like a perfect redemption story for the reigning league MVP Lamar Jackson. When askedabout his Chicago Bears coach Russell said, “they’re a long way off unfortunately.”

The odds on favorite to win Super Bowl 55 are the Baltimore Ravens at +500 followed by the Kansas City Chiefs at +550 and the New Orleans Saints at +110by the Kansas City Chiefs at +550 and the New Orleans Saints at +1100.

CJ Bonifer – News and Photography Editor

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