Opinion – Cafeteria: COVID Style

Because of the ongoing pandemic, the cafeteria and other dining locations on campus have had very few options compared to other years, in means of food.

In past semesters, it was easier for students to pick and choose what they want to eat at the cafeteria and make their meals just how they like them. This year has made it very difficult for those with food allergies, intolerances, dietary restrictions and those who are vegan and vegetarian.

One student, who has chosen to remain anonymous, is lactose intolerant and has found it very difficult to find things that she can eat on campus this year. “The cafeteria is difficult to eat at. Almost everything has either cheese or milk in it. The food information cards that are displayed are not always accurate as far as what dairy products are in each item. The last three times that there was supposed to be vegan pizza, there hasn’t been any. As for the ‘home-style’ line, it is usually a fail for those of us that are lactose intolerant; milk in mashed potatoes, cheese on meatball subs, cheese in the pasta, etc. This year, because the salads are pre-made, there is cheese on all of them. I understand that it is hard to cater to everyone, but I am also required to pay for a food plan that I just feel is a waste of money with the extremely limited options I have.” She says that at the very least redoing the nutritional fact cards so a person could easily glance at what may have dairy or not would be very helpful.

Scotland Yard downstairs does not help with this as the limited pasta options usually has some kind of cheese or dairy in it and the limited sandwich options are usually pre-made with cheese. When the dining locations do not work out, students are spending all of their flex at Einstein’s, Scot’s Market or the POD, trying to find something to eat.   

Alison Barrington – Staff Writer

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