Fusion Fest VII

The seventh installment of Fusion Fest was a lot different than those in past years. Traditionally it is held downtown at the Fusion Theatre, but due to COVID-19 restrictions it was held outside on the steps of Wallace Hall. While it wasn’t how returners envisioned this year’s festival, it was a unique experience for all who were involved.

Fusion Fest is a 24-hour theatre festival in which directors are given 12 hours to write a play about a certain theme. Then, actors are assigned randomly to each director and then they learn their lines in 12 hours and perform the shows. This year there were six shows performed and in total over 50 people were involved in making the festival come to life.

While this year’s installment wasn’t normal, it felt more normal than anything we’ve had on campus this year. Stage lights illuminated the facade of Wallace Hall, community members and students descended upon the Wallace Hall lawn for the first time since last year’s matriculation, and it was an escape from the current state of things in our world. This was a testament to the importance of the arts in our lives, especially during a pandemic.

CJ Bonifer – News & Photography Editor

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