Around the Kilt: NBA Playoffs

Riley Dulin – Political Editor

For this year’s NBA Finals, I believe the unthinkable will occur. I believe LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers will be taken down by the Denver Nuggets in 7 games, which will be extremely enjoyable to watch. In the East, I expect the Miami Heat to advance and face the Nuggets. In thrilling fashion, the Heat will defeat the Nuggets in 6 games to win the NBA title. The irony will be ever-present, as LeBron’s team will be watching his former team takt the title.

Griff Morrill – Sports Editor

Even in these crazy times, the NBA playoffs are in full swing. In the Western conference finals, Lebron James and the Los Angeles Lakers are in the heat of battle with the young Jamal Murray and the Denver Nuggets. Despite being a finals quality team, the Nuggets will fall to the Lakers in 6 games. In the East, the Celtics will come and storm past the Miami Heat to face the Lakers in a classic finals showdown. Similar to the 1980’s, this years finals will be the battle of the Celtics and Lakers with Lebron leaading the Lakers to their 17th franchise championship in 6 games.

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